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Do you love the jessie bootie like we do?  Wanna get in on our pre-order happening now?  Be sure to download our app (link above) and go to the jessie bootie and you'll find all the deets there!

the perfect neutral bootie for this season!
these babies fit TTS and will be the perfect addition to your closet!

SHIPPING - $10 flat rate 

the Jessie latte is expected to arrive mid-September 

the Jessie light gray is expected to arrive mid-October

This is a PRE-ORDER and it will show sold out.  That is normal.  Pick your size + color, click add to waitlist and then slide to authorize payment  Payment must be AUTHORIZED babes!

CUSTOMER ACCOUNT - Be sure to create a customer account if you haven’t already, and make sure your payment info is in your account! You won’t be able to authorize payment without doing this first! 


YOU WILL NEED TO WAITLIST AUTHORIZE!! How do you waitlist authorize?  ON the app, choose your item and add to waitlist.  Go to the HEART at the bottom of the app and then click PREAUTHORIZE.  This is not a payment - it is like auto bill pay - it means when the item comes in stock, you’ll get an invoice and the system will auto pay for it for ya!! Wahoo!